New Life Health Center Testimonials
Chronic Pain

Back Pain

"I had chronic back pain that had become so intense that I was not only unable to work, but was also prevented from walking, standing or sitting in a normal manner. As both of my parents were chiropractors this was the treatment that I tried first. When my condition failed to improve I tried the program at the New Life Health Center. I stayed for about a week and the results of the acupuncture, corrective exercises and other treatments were dramatic. My back feels great, my posture is better than it's ever been and I've returned to my very physical job as an iron-worker and have had no problems at all."

Ted L., Medway, MA                                                                                                                     

"My first consultation with Bo-In Lee took place in Boston in late 1977 or early 1978 as a result of crippling and paralyzing lower back pains. Consultations with medical doctors and chiropractors in Toronto proved unsuccessful. They were unable to find anything wrong physically. Chiropractic techniques would take the pain away momentarily, but by the time I left their office the pain and debilitating paralysis would have returned. Medical doctors were even less effective!

"Finally, orthopedic surgeon specialists recommended exploratory surgery to see what was out of place. Without this, they felt unable to diagnose or offer treatment.

"A friend lovingly twisted my arm to get me to come see Bo-In Lee in Boston for a consultation and possible treatment. Although skeptical, I was fearful of the upcoming surgery which promised little, if anything, in the way of results, and so I visited Bo-In Lee.

"Bo-In Lee met and assessed me briefly. After a physical examination, he had me write out a history of my family life and return to him the next day, at which time he effected the disappearance of the physical paralytic and crippling back pains through effective relaxation techniques."

"Initially, he diagnosed my back pains as a result of being overweight and having weak abdominal muscles which caused a severe strain on the lower back. This was multiplied by severe tension and stress due to my recent marital breakdown, job-related tensions and personal anxieties; more basically, incompletions within me due to improper relationships and communications with my mother and father.

"In addition to relaxation techniques and Mahayana Yoga techniques, he counseled me in the art of communicating with myself through meditation, prayer, inward reflection and outward dialogue with him and others about my feelings toward myself, family members and life and truth." "Although many miles separate me from Bo-In Lee, I do my best to honor and reflect the time he spent with me and our continuing friendship which I value deeply. I do this by living what he has taught and demonstrated to be life principles that work: i.e., belief in and love of God, proper breathing, physical exercise, supportive food and nutrition, daily relaxation and prayer, and coming from and living in a center of love - respecting ourselves and others with whom we come in contact." "Bo-In Lee, in my opinion, is an effective, loving holistic healer of the most advanced degree whom I am proud to know and call my friend."

Thomas R., Lawyer

Knee pain

"In the mid 80's I injured my left knee playing squash and had arthroscopy to "take care of it". For 12 years thereafter I lived with pain - all day, everyday, doing anything - with Western medicine saying "there is nothing more we can do for you".

In 1995 during my first visit to Bo-In Lee to talk about my recent breast cancer diagnosis, he also did acupuncture for my knee. That very day I walked out of the New Life Health Center with NO PAIN for the first time in 12 years!! And I still have no pain today, thanks to Bo-In Lee.

The work Bo-In Lee and I did together on my breast cancer has taught me a whole new way of looking at and living my life. Daily I focus on taking in the good stuff and reducing the toxins in my life - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. And I now feel better in every way.

Rheua S., Hingham, MA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Temporal Arthritis/Headache

"In February of 2001 I was diagnosed with hypertension and put on Norvasc. In April I was diagnosed with temporal arthritis and put on large doses of Prednisone. I did not want to stay on the Prednisone for an extended period of time but was told I had no choice because the optic nerve could become involved and cause blindness. In May I had a biopsy of the temporal artery, confirming the diagnosis of hypertension. In August I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and put on Synthroid. I felt all of this was connected. I stayed at the Center for 3 weeks. After three days the discomfort around my eye and the soreness on the side of my head was gone and my blood pressure was normal. At the end of 3 weeks I had no symptoms of temporal arthritis and my Sed. Rate reached a normal 27 (down from 67). I am off Norvasc. I sleep well, can exercise, and can function normally. The key factor in my recovery was I suppose the acupuncture. But staying at the Center and doing Yoga, having massages, eating healthy, cleansing your mind and concentrating on what you need to change in your life is also important. As Bo-In Lee says, "Achieving Balance." I thank God everyday I found out about Bo-In Lee and the New Life Health Center."

Betty Aycock, Stuart, FL                                                                                                                    

Muscle pain

"By the time I arrived at the New Life Health Center I had exhausted the options of Western medicine (as I soon learned had many other patients at the Center) and had tried various other alternative forms of medicine, including acupuncture and Chinese herbal teas. My muscles, beginning about three years prior to arriving at the Center, would tear much too easily, and then fail to heal properly, if at all. Even a after a biopsy and two EMG tests revealed nerve and muscle damage the Western doctors had nothing to offer, except what had already failed. By the summer of '97 I could barely walk, spent roughly twenty hours a day in bed, and was getting to the point where my abdominal muscles would tear when I used them to move my bowels. A good friend told me about Bo-In Lee and, to be honest, I thought I would go in for a week, have some more theories and remedies thrown at me, be made to feel sort of stupid I had a condition that would not respond to treatment, and return Home, resigned to a life of misery. The first few days I was treated in my bed, Bo-In Lee pressing on different points, asking for a response. Banging strips of tape onto my feet, taping up my legs, then some acupuncture. But the turning point came on Wednesday. I made it down to his office, where a series of readings where taken while I held a metal rod. Then some more taping, banging it onto my feet. Then he told me to stride forward, which I had not done in years. And knew that if I tore my muscles anymore things, physically, would be close to unmanageable. Bo-In Lee said, "You walk forward. You make problem, I fix." And he started making me take forward strides, occasionally helped along by a quick smack! on the back. Since that day I have improved steadily and know I will regain my health completely. I view that day on Wednesday in August to be nothing short of the turning point in my adult life. I had been reading about miracles that various people had experienced using alternative health-care procedures. And had often, quite selfishly, and with some bitterness, said to myself, "Where's my miracle?" My stay at the Center provided it."

Daniel Finneran, Andover, MA                                                                                                                       

Neck Pain

"Because of severe neck pain I was unable to even look left or right. An X-ray showed nothing abnormal and physical therapy was specified, with emphasis on heat treatment and massage. Three sessions failed to provide even minor relief. I decided to see Bo-In Lee, whom I had met several years earlier while coaching wrestling at Needham High School. Still, it was with much trepidation that the initial examination took place. It was quite different from other exams, with numerous measurements being recorded while holding a metallic disk and -- as was explained to me later -- something called electro-stimulation occurring. Upon completion of this first treatment I stood up and for the first time in weeks could rotate my head virtually pain free. I had two more sessions with Bo-In Lee, discontinued physical therapy, and my neck has been pain-free since. It is with great respect for Bo-In Lee's accomplishments in my case that I recommended him to both my orthopedic surgeon and my primary care physician. I was relieved of my pain and discomfort with minimal time consumed from a normally hectic lifestyle."

Fred Rapkin