Private and shared rooms are available for the New Life Health Center residential programs.

Private and shared rooms are available for the New Life Health Center residential programs.

New Life Health Center
Residential Programs


Resident programs at the New Life Health Center offer a unique opportunity for recovery, rejuvenation, and restoration of health. Nowhere else will you find such a comprehensive natural healing program which combines the best of Eastern and Western medicine to create radiant health and vitality.

When you enroll in The New Life Health Center Resident Program, you will work closely with  Bo-In Lee to gain a better understainding of your individual  constitution and condition.  He will design specific holistic treatments for your individual needs considering physical, emotional, environmental, lifestyle and spiritual aspects of your health.. Many aspects of health will be considered – physical, emotional, environmental, lifestyle habits, and spiritual.

The NLHC Resident Program provides an environment free from the daily stresses of life while allowing patients to focus on healing.  All components of the program work together to restore internal balance, and as part of the process patients learn to adjust daily habits to maintain this revitalized state. 

Participants enroll in NLHC Resident Programs for a wide variety of reasons. We have many cancer and chronic illness patients who are here to recover and restore their health. We also have participants in good health who join the Resident Program simply to relax, rejuvenate, and gain a better understanding of themselves and how to maintain health. Other patients choose to participate in a fasting program under the recommendation and guidance of Bo-In Lee, as a form of health maintenance and cleansing.  

Bo-In Lee and NamYe Lee have over forty years experience in the field of natural healing. The history of the current Resident Program began in 1963 in Korea with the opening of the Yoga and Natural Healing Center founded by Bo-In Lee, Lic. Ac. The level of commitment, dedication, and individual attention to patients which the Lee’s have shown over these many years is remarkable.

The following services are offered as part of the New Life Health Center Residential Program and are covered by the program price. They will be used selectively  as determined by Bo-In Lee based on each individual participants needs..

  • Daily Treatments (Monday – Saturday) suited to your individual health concerns, these treatments can include (as needed):

* Micro Current Therapy
* Carbon Heat Therapy
*Directed use of Exercise Equipment

  • Medicinal Herbal Tea (prescribed at the beginning of the 1st and 3rd week)

  • Lectures and education in holistic self-healing for physical, mental, and spiritual health.

  • Training in holistic self-healing techniques which may include deep breathing methods suited to your constitutional body type, various forms of meditation practices, and chanting to calm the mind and spirit.

  • Mahayana Yoga classes to help rebalance and restore health.

  • Delicious seasonal natural foods meals made with organic ingredients whenever possible. Guidance and training regarding diet and foods suited to your individual constitution and condition.

  • Comfortable, quiet accommodations at The New Life Health Center. Queen or single bed rooms available. Private or shared bath available. The center is located on a beautiful street in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts in walking distance to Jamaica Pond and the Arnold Arboretum.